About our Pre-school

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Mission statement

At St Bridget’s Pre-School we pride ourselves in providing a happy, caring and educational experience for each child. 

For under fives, playing and learning are the same thing, we endeavour to provide a varied and fulfilling curriculum to ensure that all children are treated as individuals reaching different levels at different stages.

We provide an environment in which the children develop self esteem in an atmosphere of mutual respect and encouragement while learning to appreciate and understand others, and knowing when and how to seek help from caring staff who will listen and respond to them.

We take each child’s social, emotional, physical and educational needs into account and strive to offer equal opportunities to boys and girls and recognise that families have different religious, cultural, ethnic & linguistic values.

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  • To ensure our adult to child ratio is 1:5 or less.
  • To encourage self confidence while learning the basic skills in preparation for school.
  • To install self discipline & awareness of boundaries.
  • Encourage self motivation and recognition  of own strengths.
  • To offer the ability to be aware of others needs.
  • To ensure activities are based around the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, covering all the areas of learning.
  • To monitor and share with parents, each child's progress with  assessments and observations each term.
  • To encourage a sharing, caring attitude for others.



Fiona Khedun
Fiona Khedun, pre-school manager


Christine Myles & Nicola Broadhurst


Vera Smith
Tess Broughton
Rachel Meziani


We are a Registered Charity and a community run Pre-School.

Pre-school Committee

We are run by a committee, which is made up of parents of current and former attendees, staff, and local volunteers from the community.

If you would like to help by volunteering to sit on our committee, please get in touch for more information. The typical commitment is four evening meetings of about 1-2 hours duration each year (these are usually held in the pub!), plus the AGM/Social in November. Most people join us for a couple of years, but there is no fixed term.


We are lucky enough to have ‘outside activities’. These are an additional £20 per activity, per half-term, and includes the following:

  • Spanish with Jo Carver (Kidslingo) on Monday morning
  • Popcats on Tuesday morning
  • Full of Beans on Thursday afternoon
  • Phonics Supplemental session every day (the £20 fee is only payable once, not per day)