view of St Bridget's centre across cemetary


St.Bridget’s Pre-School is a mixed ability Pre-School. Allocation of places are determined as listed below, with those who have completed a registration form and paid the registration fee and deposit (the deposit is deducted from your first term's bill) taking priority within these categories.

  1. Living in the catchment area and will be attending St Bridget's Primary
  2. Living in the catchment area
  3. Outside the catchment area but with sibling(s) in Reception class of St Bridget's Primary


  • We ensure that the existence of our setting is widely advertised in places accessible to all sections of the community
  • We ensure that information about our setting is accessible, in written and spoken form. Where necessary, we will try to provide information in Braille, or through British Sign Language. We will provide translated written materials where language needs of families suggest this is required, as well as access to an interpreter
  • New pupils are normally welcomed at the beginning of the academic year, but subject to a vacancy in the appropriate year, they can join the Pre-School at any other time
  • We try to keep a place vacant, (if this is financially viable), to accommodate an emergency admission
  • A parent can request a prospectus either by email or by telephone.  Any parent wishing to view our Pre-School may do so by telephoning the manager to arrange an appointment
  • We describe our setting and its practices in terms that make it clear that it welcomes both fathers, mothers, other relations and other carers, including childminders
  • We describe our setting and its practices in terms of how it treats each child and their family, having regard to their needs arising from their gender, special educational needs, disabilities, social background, religion, ethnicity or from English being a newly acquired additional language
  • We describe our setting and its practices in terms of how it enables children and/or parents with disabilities to take part in the life of the setting
  • A visit to our Pre-school is always encouraged so that parents can see us at work and have the opportunity to ask the staff any questions they may have
  • Children will be invited to meet their key worker and the other children prior to starting.  Parents may use this time to chat to staff and discuss any questions they may have
  • We monitor the gender and ethnic background of children joining the group, to ensure that our intake is representative of social diversity
  • We make our Valuing Diversity and Promoting Equality Policy widely known
  • We are flexible about attendance patterns to accommodate the needs of individual children and families, providing these do not disrupt the pattern of continuity in the setting that provides stability for all the children
  • Children attending taster sessions can attend in their own clothes
  • If a parent then wishes their child to join, they will then complete a Registration form and will be given a Parents’ Information Pack

Catchment area

We apply the same catchment area as St Bridget's Primary School. This is because the vast majority of our children will go on to attend the primary school, and it can be very difficult for those children who live outside the area to have made friends in the pre-school only to be made to go to a different primary school because they're out of area and can't get a place.

Below is a list of roads given in alphabetical order which fall within our catchment area. Click the shortcuts below to see if your road is on the list. (road names beginning "The..." are listed under 'T' )

A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  J  K  L  M  N  P  R  S  T  V  W  Y
Abbey Rd, Albert Road, Alexandra Rd, Ashmore Close, Ashton Drive
Banks Rd (odd numbers 29 and above, even 92 and above), Barton Hey Drive, Beach Walk, Beatty Close, Boundary Rd
Caldy Chase Drive, Caldy Rd, Caldy Wood, Carisbrooke Close, Carpenters Lane, Cholmondeley Rd, Church Rd (West Kirby), Church Walk, Croft Drive, Croft Drive East, Croft Drive West
Davenport Close, Devonshire Rd, Dunraven Rd
Eaton Rd, Echo Lane, Egerton Drive
Fleck Lane
Grosvenor Avenue
Headland Close, Heatherleigh, Hilbre Rd, Hilbre Court, Hilbre View (only this part of Grange Rd), Holm Hill, Hydro Avenue.
Jellicoe Close
Kale Close, Kings Drive, Kings Drive North, Kirby Close, Kirby Mount, Kirby Park,
Links Hey Road, Long Hey Rd, Ludlow Drive
Maconda Drive, Madeley Close, Madeley Drive, Madeley Rd, Melloncroft Drive, Melloncroft Drive West, Mereworth, Mill Hey Rd, Monks Way, Mostyn Avenue, Mount Rd
Norfolk Drive
Pikes Hey Rd, Princes Avenue, Priory Rd
Rectory Rd, Riverside, Rubbing Stone
Sandy Lane, Shore Road, Shrewsbury Road, Simonsbridge, South Parade (including Hilbre Court) (odd numbers 63 and above), South Rd, Stonehey Drive, St. Bridget's Lane, Surrey Drive.
Telegraph Rd (from Caldy Cross Roads to Cottage Loaf), The Fairways, The Finney, The Green, The Kirklands, The Oatlands, Thorsway, Townfield Rd
Victoria Rd, Village Rd (West Kirby)
Warwick Drive, Westbourne Rd (even numbers 32 and above, odd numbers 49 and above), Westward Ho, Wetstone Lane
York Avenue